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If you’re looking for company health insurance in Singapore, group plans can be a great option for providing healthcare coverage to your employees.

Employees are one of the greatest assets to your business. Take care of their well-being with Group Insurance solutions which include group medical and personal accident coverage.

Group insurance plans is not just for companies; sports or social clubs can also cover their members too! We can customize coverage to suit your group’s needs. 

One of the biggest benefits of group insurance plans is that they can include coverage for pre-existing conditions whereas individual policies will generally exclude them. Have employees that travel often for work? Why not cover them with Group Travel insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Group insurance is there?
  • Group Personal Accidental Insurance
  • Group Hospitalisation & Surgery Insurance
  • Group Dental Coverage Insurance
  • Group Critical Illness Insurance
  • Group Travel Insurance
What is the minimum number of people needed to get Group insurance?

Group insurance policies mostly need at least Three (3) members in a group.

Is Group insurance cheaper than buying each person individual insurance policies?

Yes. The Group insurance premiums would be cheaper than individual insurance due to the economy of scale and each group can customise their own group coverage.

Are pre-existing conditions included for Group health insurance coverage?

Yes and no, depending on insurer. If the number of participants is large enough, each individual can have their pre-existing coverage included, with some limitations or deductions. When compared to buying individual medical health insurance where the condition/s would be excluded, group insurance acceptance of pre-existing conditions can be a major plus point.

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